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domingo, 23 de outubro de 2011

Prezident Bejda (of Murder Dog) apresenta Underground Society (Fuck Tha Illuminati)

Prezident Bejda apresenta o maior projeto de rap já feito, com participação de rappers de mais de 15 países, são 69 faixas por apenas 8,99 dólares

1. Prezidentz speech (intro)-prezident bejda-produced by b-dub
2. u aint stoppin’ me-al kapone –memphis-produced by al kapone
3. arab pride-slow moe –saudi arabia-produced by big sean
4. illuminati-frozen -canada -produced by jdot prod.
5. enemiez-jd walker– chicago-produced by sinaca for fitted tracks productions
6. why the government-benn grim –pittsburgh-produced by mindbender productions
7. we ride we roll –bombay-n-chico feat: thart –nashville produced by dj slym
8. game full of hate me-psycomatic feat vox maximus, flendo, & $hit-low –germany, serbia, france-produced by vichy ratey & sascha "psycomatic" hummel for koka muzik
9. 909 revolution-rebel inc –baltimore & detroit produced by rebel inc
10. soldier shyt –vell rob-akron-produced by da beat smith
11. der weg nach oben-dmb-germany- produced by renizance
12. x-raided speaks-x-raided
13. son of struggle-scoot pimp-newport, ky-produced by money anderson
14. ruff in these streets-c.o. tha! bad black feat: d-train –chicago-porudced by soundmaster-t
15. damn-emoe- produced by e-moe & c4 for pay$tlye music - sacramento
16. gangsterisme-le’s1drom- france & switzerland-produced by neka
17. speak freely-strong-oakland-produced by agee 613
18. everyday counts-smoothvega-n-lil flip-ft. worht & houston
19. raise up-p.r.e.a.c.h.-st. louis by way of romania- produced by:vincent “veeno gunna” sanders for trakk pushaz production
20. im the reason-og cuicide-compton-produced by: epademik
21. my way-mc masato-iran-produced by reza betel
22. subliminal-equipto-produced by professor xavier
23. quote me-henacee-manitawoc, wi produced by b-dub
24. who am i-murder militia-louisville-produced by $-co
25. end game-masovy wrazi-czech republic-produced by doyem
26. my america-kc cashroll-nashville-produced byreptillian sounds
27. cant stop wont stop hustlin-darkroom familia-cali-produced by crooked
28. a minute 2 pray and a second 2 die-odd-1, kaigen, thai roc, & dmb-japan, germany, san diego-produced by b-dub
29. im a grizzly-lil meniz feat: c.o. tha! bad black-chicago produced by soundmaster-t
30. ice-t speaks
31. street sweeper-black ice (black silver & ice-t) feat rbx-la, & long beach-produced by stefon “bionik” taylor
32. 1 nation- thrillhoodz famiglia feat chill gizzy-malaysia
produced by: thrillhoodz famiglia
33. hot wit them 16s-veeno gunna & ½ baked-st. louis –produced by vincent “veeno gunna” sanders for trakk pushaz production
34. never die-mastamind, renizance, & j-dawg –detroit, ft. worth, & new orleans-produced by b-dub
35. my life-cap feat promyce-iowa-produced by van beats
36. die free-m.h.d.-egypt-produced by b-dub
37. themo-tha prophet feat: c.o. tha! bad black-wisconsin & chicago-produced by soundmaster-t
38. rappin a$$ rob-skit-produced by b-dub
39. next generation-jus’j –hammond,in-produced by gabriel sanchez
40. get rid of you-gangzta krow-brazil produced by: sprite beatz
41. 11110-jarvis price-vallejo-produced by jarvis price
42. pacman-yukmouth-oakland-produced by rob-e
43. still dirty-jt money-miami-produced by boss man ent
44. ride with us-dmb feat: big mike & tha prophet-germany, houston / n.o. and wisconsin-produced by b-dub
45. it is what it is-malachi-chicago-produced by malachi
46. kokane speaks - kokane l.a.
47. niggaz wanna sign me-renizance feat: sanchez-ft. worth-produced by da champ
48. meet ya maker-dirtay feat: royce da 5’9-everret and detroit-produced by sinic
49. the life that we live-triple threat-zimbabwe & the uk-produced by: t.r.g
50. break me down-june vonsway-ypsilanti-produced by simeo overall
51. make no mistakes-black c-frisco-produced by shawneci
52. azz in the grave-big pat feat lil tash & monti freezie-alabama & germany
53. munster block-kaman mc-russia-produced by ayphon enok (durnoy block)
54. underground most wanted-thai roc, dmb , & south central cartel-san diego, germany, south central-produced by b-dub
55. come back-m doc-morocco-produced by m-doc
56. hood souljahz-mc ron-sweden-produced by loc da smoke
57. hate all you want-tekpot feat. the criminal 408 camp-san jose-produced by tekpot
58. everybody wanna talk this-warface pavolini of the gator boyz-gulf port ms, -produced by warface
59. broken dreams-nightshield-south dakota-produced by mr. d-sane
60. esco di casa-veleno-argentina - produced by ch team fro loud studio
61. bugg of gutta inc. speakes - nashville, tn
62. where is the love- u.s.g feat: d-train-chicago & germany produced by b-dub
63. all my life-g.i.b-feat k.shark & diniro-newark, ca-produced by g.i.b.
64. get it in order-king cydal-menlo park-produced by king cydal
65. get like me-goodz-burlington/miami-produced by goodz
66. invasion-gator boyz-ms-produced by sean brees
67. hip hop church - 1st star general -bronx,ny - produced by trip da ultimate producer
68. in der n8- tha bg - dmb, creephill, & b-tite-germany- canada & the u.s. produced by home grown
69. f.t.i. anthem-frozen, mz bombay, chico, dirtay, spice-1, yung eazy, neka, rootscore, da voice, knowledge,tony g, tnt da bomb, dmb, scooter palmer, thai roc, k-rino = global unity, produced by b-dub

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